Sunday, 20 July 2014


Hello Hi,

I wrote a short article which was published in Bella Naija. The title above was the original title and originally, I had a longer story as well but I had to shorten it due to word limits. I know some of you have read it but for those of you who did not, unfortunately due to policy agreement (or whatever it is called, lol), I cannot share it here or elsewhere. So please find the link is below. I also know some people did not feel comfortable posting their comments there, so you can always post them on my blog.

Henceforth guys, the deal is whenever I write in a column, paper, or another blog etc I will share the link on my blog for that week but other times, I will post my stories here directly (hopefully weekly, except when school gets extremely busy; it almost always is :) ). So next week, I shall have a new story to share with you guys. For now (as today is Sunday), I just want to share few messages that I got from church today during the homily:

  • ·         Bodily or worldly pleasures cannot give you happiness, only Jesus can
  • ·         The devil tries to deceive/tempt by choking the word of God out of us
  • ·         It’s okay to possess money or possession but do not let them possess you
  • ·         Do not lose faith in God or get discouraged because God is never discouraged with you
  • ·         When you come to receive God, allow Him to receive you too
  • ·         Only when you come to God will you receive true peace and tranquility 

Thank you always and don't forget to share with your friends, like the page and follow me for more updates (twitter: @vivio_gogo, IG: ugochiukah). Have a lovely week and remain blessed, xx


  1. I read the article and knew it had to be Vivian that wrote It's funny how people are quick to say "I'm from London" without any reference to their african route, I don't blame them. At this point in my life I think I'd do same (especially as it's a bad time to be Nigerian) Nice article though and looking forward to something new! Have a great week.

  2. lol, good to know that you know my writing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts too.

  3. thanks for sharing words of wisdom and standing on your faith. as we women process more than one thing in our minds. seconds just before reading this article. as i stared at your blog. my mind was racing at all that has happened to me these past years and me still standing on my faith in God I think. Disappointment, insult and betrayal. Psalm 34 depicts my story.

    1. oh wow, i hope you're better now. thank you for visiting my blog. take care and keep calm :)

  4. HI. I Know the story you wrote on bella ninja was last year but I just got to start reading your and I had a good laugh. Thanks for sharing, also for the words of wisdom.

    1. :) Thank you, I'm glad my writings could add a smile.