Sunday, 25 May 2014


Hello everyone,

The past two weeks posts had hilarious comments, go check them out if you didn't see them. Anyway, today's post was inspired by someone I once came across; which made me realise how different people may view things. Enjoy:-

It started as rumbles but it rose to troubles
The voices in her head, at first one becoming multiple
They seemed like a legion for they were many
Like barbarians talking in thousands.

“Jump”!, one said; “no, dance instead” another would say
She could not figure them out really
Was it the voice of the superior or the curse of the evil one?
Sometimes they made her lose her way or stand still in the middle of nowhere.

She told her mother, about her new companions
“Possessed”! The woman screamed, “We shall call the holy one”
She was starved for days, isolated for weeks
Whips were used; chains were bought for her deliverance.

She could take no more so she ran away from home
She went far away and found new shelter close to the canal
Until she was picked up by a stranger, whom she told her story in tears

“Ah, Schizophrenia”! The stranger exclaimed, before saying he was a psychiatrist.

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Sunday, 18 May 2014


Hello Hi,

After last week's post, a male friend of mine wrote a response. So I'm sharing it so that you can tell me what y'all think. I would have included his name but he chooses to rename anonymous. Anyway, I think he was referring to me in his first line because of my love for Thor but he denied it; oh well :). Here it is, enjoy:-

“The one” that told you that how much she disliked impromptu wooing
Only for you to see her swoon at the sight of a Chris Hemworth look-alike or
 “The one” that told you that she was in a ‘relationship’
Only for you to realise, that was bait for you to bite on! (Genetic liars)

“The one” that kissed you all evening outside in the rain
And broke up with you the next day after a few words from a Hinduja scion.
“The one” that dated you for almost three years
Then said she could not marry you because you were not ready??! (Cold ladies)

“The one” that looked into your eyes and said you were the love of her life
And barely a week after told you that she was still in love with her ex in Miami or
“The one” that called off the relationship to return to her true love (her ex)
And sent you a text weeks later saying ‘You should have fought for me’ (The sheer bravado!)

“The one” that told you that she was a virgin
And then, you found out that she was quite ‘experienced’ in the art
“The one” that intrigued you when she told you she doesn’t give out her number
Only for her to drop it unsolicited on the dinner table of an Exxon executive...! (Evil women)

“The one” that screwed your frontal cortex sideways with kama sutra
And then pointedly said she wanted an oil magnate as a husband
“The one” that whispered honey suckle entreaties into your ears all night long
But drew a Remington shotgun on you when you balked at the idea of marriage (Mean babes)

“The one” who always prepared dinner for two whenever you visited
And after marriage said she didn’t come in as a cooking slave and a hired cook would do
 “The one” constantly railing against your profligacy when spending for her
Only to present a bride price list worth your father’s fortune as a sign you love her (Sharp girls)

“The one” that told you god blessed her with a Range Rover sport
Of course! Though only as a result of the exponential returns of her bottom power
“The one” who borrowed money from you to sow a seed in her parish
And bought 2 plots of land in a highbrow estate the following week (dia ris god oo)

“The one” who never gave you any thought much less her time
And suddenly warms up to you days to her birthday (Ha choro i ri ghi)
Finally, “the ones” that would read this and sneer at the writer
Because they know they are guilty of most (Blessed be all women)

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Sunday, 11 May 2014


Hello Hi,

A friend of mine wrote a nice piece of advice yesterday on facebook about how most women have to endure when searching or waiting for Mr. Right and it reminded me of the experiences that I have had or heard from friends or friends of friends. I usually laugh when I hear such stories; of course not because they are funny at first but later on when you look back and realise how you dodge such, then you would laugh. So I decided to share some with you and I believe many of you would have come across them or at least know someone that has; in fact I have names for some of these encounters. I’m sure men have their own side of the story to tell but I happen to have more female friends so these are about the men.

So my dear friends, did you ever meet:-

 “The one” that told you that how much he hated smokers
Only for you to find wrapped weed in his car pigeonhole or
 “The one” that told you that he could not imagine hurting a fly
And down the road, he Chris-brown’ed you (Serial liars)

“The one” that kissed you all evening outside in the rain
And broke up with you the next day because you were too tall for him or
“The one” that dated you for almost three years
Then he said he could not marry you because you were not catholic (Confused)

“The one” that looked into your eyes and said you were the love of his life
And barely two weeks after he told you that he was still in love with his ex in France or
“The one” that called off things with you to work out things with his ex
And sent you a text months later saying ‘Hey, I’m back because it didn’t work out’ (Guts!)

“The one” that told you that he was just as celibate as you are
And then, you found out that he was just a male **** or
“The one” that made you so happy when he told you that he loved kids
Only later did you realise that it was because he was a paedophile (Evil men)

“The one” that always slept with you even when you didn’t want to
And then said he wanted a village virgin for a wife or
“The one” that whispered sweet nothing into your ears all night long
But refused to sit close to you in church because you are a sinner (Hypocrites)

“The one” with the bright movie star prospects in the future
And yet never went for an acting audition for the two years you dated or
 “The one” whose container was always about to arrive or business about to boom
Therefore he always borrowed money from you (NFA- no future ambition)

“The one” chyker that every time you changed your bb display picture
He would ping you to ask you about the ‘fine girl’ in the picture or
“The one” that said he wanted to date you exclusively
But told your friend he would have been with her if things were different (Idiots)

“The one” that told you that his dream was to own a bank
Ofcourse it was!, because he did yahoo-yahoo or
“The one” whose mum praised you the first time you met
But returned your belongings in a rice sack after both of you broke up (Speechless)

“The one” that would stop talking to you a day before your birthday or val’s day
But after a week, they try to resume their friendly duties (Alaroro)
Finally, “the ones” that would read this and dislike me
Because they know they are guilty of most (Ps: I don’t care :D)

The list could go on and on....if you have encountered such, don’t waste too much time being sad over good riddance.  If I were you, I would rejoice and be glad because not everyone had the opportunity or even the common sense, to escape from them when you did. That is why I usually share and laugh about these with my friends and I love to sing along with Queen B because trust me, “these ones” are the ‘best’ of the things you should never have.

Sunday, 4 May 2014


Hello everyone,

I planned to upload something different today but I had to get this off my chest first..phew!! Thank you for reading and have a lovely week.

I do not know exactly how many they are in number; some have said 250, others have quoted higher figures and recently, there have been many writing ‘234’ followed by hash tags of “bring back our girls”. The number is not important in the real sense because even if it were only 1 girl, she still should not have been taken away for any cause. Neither does the gender matter because if it were a boy either, he still should be brought back home to where he belongs. With the trending news of the Chibok matter, one cannot ignore the situation of Nigeria, no matter how oblivious you may have been previously to what happens in the country.
Personally, I strive not to get involved in issues that I think could be political, mostly because I do not understand what happens behind the closed national doors of assembly and so, I have never written about such matters. However, the sudden looks of sadness, anxiety and the questions that I am faced with these days whenever I proclaim that I am Nigerian to someone have prompted me to write about these thoughts, which have filled my mind recently. Someone asked me last week if I knew any of the girls; another asked about the Nyanya bomb blast yesterday and a close friend had recently questioned me in a whisper “who are the Boko Haram people?” My answers have been similar, - I do not know the girls in person; I do not know who threw the bomb or who might have died from it and I do not know any Boko Haram person or if I do, then I do not know that the person is a member but I know that these problems did not just start in Nigeria; they have just been ignored for so long and now, we are all facing the consequences. I remember when there was shooting in Borno state; it was not long since after our current president had been sworn into office in 2011. Do not misconstrue my writing please, I am not saying that the killings had anything to do with Mr. President; I am sure that they were active before then but that was the first time I truly paid attention about them and after that, there have been series of stories of church bombing, public shootings and riots; sometimes occurring simultaneously.

I keep telling myself that we could have done something earlier to prevent this current situation. A lot of us have pointed fingers at the president, some at the opposing political parties and there have even been rumours of sponsors dropping arms and provisions for the attackers. Although I am not sure about what we could have done or how we should have done it, I am pretty sure that blaming everyone or anyone in particular has not been very helpful. I have been most impressed by the groups of women who have organised campaigns on the streets, some wailing as they brand their posters in the air; but I have also been confused by some of the smiling faces in some of these campaign pictures, one might wonder if the women smiling really knew what they were on the streets for.  I have also read some beautiful articles and quotes about the abducted girls but what struck me the most was a writing I came across saying that some people are only posting about this event on their social network just to stay relevant. How callous!, one might think but I am sure that he or she who wrote that had personal reasons, so there is no need for me to judge. Maybe he or she meant that we should not just write or quote once about the girls; we definitely need more action and creativity.   Unfortunately, I do not know if any of our beautiful words or expressions is being read by the president, governors or senators who have the power to act actively concerning the woes of the country. Nonetheless, until something is done to release our girls and make our country better, we all need to be alert and continue to spread awareness so as to bring about justice and make sure that this matter is not forgotten and let to die away slowly; just like many others have done in the past in our beloved country. And so, it is with this hope that some of us write, believing that we shall be read by someone, anybody, who can help to alleviate this present national burden.

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