Sunday, 12 October 2014


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I have heard people say that there are always two sides to a conversation. I sometimes believe that there are more than two sides or ways to everything, depending on how you look or the type of glasses you wear e.g. 2D, 3D etc. Hee hee! Anyway, it was Nigeria’s Independence Day about 2 weeks ago (October 1st) and some conversation I heard inspired this writing. Enjoy:-

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                                                                 Curtain opens...
Man: Why are you dressed in green and white?
Lady (smiles): Because it is our Independence Day of course and I am supporting my country, Nigeria.
Man: What is there to support – that we lack electricity, or water, or that we are still a highly corrupt nation? Let’s face the fact, this country is useless.
Lady (sighs): oh well, I guess you are right. I just wanted to be patriotic and this green top is really nice (she clutches her blouse) or don’t you think so?
Man (ignores her question): You know, I wish we had a man like J.J Rawlings in Nigeria.
Lady: J.J? The footballer?
Man: You don’t know the Ghanaian Rawlings; that helped Ghana fight against corruption?!
Lady: Oh! I did not hear you clearly; I thought you said something else. Of course I know him. I wish we had him too.
Man: Yes, yes! Nigeria would definitely be a better place (He shakes his head)
Lady (She shakes her head too): I completely agree!
Man: But to be fair, Nigeria is trying a little bit at the moment. At least we are beginning to emulate a few good habits from abroad.
Lady: Yes, I was about to say the same. Did you hear about that Lagos guy that proposed to his babe in the cinema?
Man (looks confused): What are you talking about?
Lady (clears her throat): I was just mentioning some ways that Nigerians have improved like the western world (she sips her soda).
Man: I meant like having isolation units for infectious diseases and raising awareness ever since the Ebola outbreak.
Lady (looks slightly embarrassed): Oh! Ebola things! And that as well. They are all improvements!
Man: Anyway, I would definitely love to run for president sometime in the near future. I think I can make this place much better or what do you think?
Lady (pauses): Can I be your first lady?
Man: Huh?
(Awkward silence follows)
                                                        Curtain closes

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  1. lol.....girls! she absolutely has no idea about politics but she doesn't mind being the first lady....

    1. lol, that one is not her business, She wants what she wants.

  2. Lmao! While he's trying to save the country, she'll help him spend the money. Abeg we don't need that type

    1. lol, she will give him moral support naa.

  3. This is the kind of conversation you can have! I will be the man and you the lady. I will carry the AK 47 and wipe out Aso rock.

  4. Wow!...and thats how it normally happens. Funny!
    Nice piece

  5. Hahahahahahaha,pls I dnt blame her jor,he shud b thr tryin 2 save d world yl I shop *hehehe