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“He came to me” Amaka said, looking a tad flustered.
“What came to you?” Nkechi asked uninterestedly, barely looking up from her novel and sipping her drink.
“Uncle Joseph” Amaka replied.
“Mhmm?” Nkechi grunted.
“He tried to rape me.”
Nkechi was so startled that she spilled some of her drink and almost choked on it. “Is this a dream?”
Amaka nodded slowly.
“Haa!” Nkechi sighed aloud. “Okay then but I’m not in the mood for any scary moonlight tale. It’s nearly midnight and I want to finish reading this book so that I can return it by tomorrow.”
“Just listen please; it has a happy ending” Amaka said.
 “Please make it short.” Nkechi said, pushing her novel aside.
Amaka continued. “He tried to rape me again…”
“Hold on. You said ‘Again’. So is this a recurrent dream then?”
Amaka nodded again and continued.

“This was the third he had come. I was lying down on my bed, half-asleep. As usual he did not knock before coming into my room. He used a chair to wedge the door so that no one could come in and then, he quickly undressed. Thereafter, he pounced on top of me and before I could scream, he covered my mouth with his hand. Then he asked to dance and every time I refused, he hit me hard. So even though there was neither music in my ears nor in my heart, I danced, and danced, and dan…”
“Okay I get your point, you danced! What happened next?” Nkechi interjected impatiently.
“Yes, I danced with as much strength as I could muster although I felt dead inside. I hoped that the dancing would make it quicker so that he would go away but instead he continued; much stronger and striking me even harder, even though I was dancing.” She took a deep breath.

“He struck my cheek once again, making my face turn to the right. Then, my eyes beheld it! In the midst of my tears and sorrow, it was as if my prayers had been heard and answered. I looked at him; his eyes were tightly shut, his sweat dripping all over my body like midnight dew. So I danced the best I could, so that he could enjoy his music even more. I slowly reached out for it and whilst he danced along, I pierced him, just at the right place, with the right depth. His eyes suddenly opened and this time, I was the one that quickly covered his mouth before he could scream.” She paused. “And just as he lay still on my bed, I woke up.” Amaka added smiling, concluding her story.

Nkechi did not look amused and her mouth was agape. After a short pause, she cleared her throat and asked angrily “What part of this story is happy?”
“Oh! It is very happy for me because I know that he would never come to me again. And I forgot to tell you what the best part was. It was you who saved me! So thank you” Amaka replied cheerfully and hugged Nkechi before walking out of the room as if nothing was amiss and leaving Nkechi open-mouthed again.

Nkechi shook her head and tried to resume reading her novel but she could not concentrate anymore. She had always known that her cousin, Amaka, acted queer most of the time but she found this story very disturbing. Could she have been talking about a spirit husband? She had heard of such stories but had never really believed them. She shrugged and decided to go to bed without finishing the novel.
It was as Nkechi walked past Amaka’s room the next morning and stopped to check if she was awake, that she froze at the door. Amaka’s stepfather, Uncle Joseph, was lying on Amaka’s bed in his pool of blood with a knife in his chest; the same knife that she had used to peel some oranges the previous evening and had forgotten in Amaka’s bedroom.  Nkechi let out a scream and Amaka who had been sleeping right next to him woke up.

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  1. Me sef I'm scared. What really happened? Lol. Who killed him?

  2. lol, Kodi. The babe killed him, I think? :P

  3. lol... I don't get! she killed him and went to tell the story or what?

    1. hee hee, I don't know. What do you think?

    2. That everything is nothing but a dream :P

  4. that everything is nothing but a dream

  5. I don't get it either ugo.

  6. So, Amaka thinks that she dreams of her uncle coming to her room but it was actually real?

    1. Erm...I kinda left that for the reader to decide what he/she wants it to be ... :)

  7. Another lovely piece I must say, there is always a limit to everything

    1. Thank you Abu, yes there is truly a limit to everything

  8. Nice Ugo baby. I enjoyed this. Good job :)

  9. WOW am blown away welldone sweetie

  10. dats an interesting story.we have to decide ourself if it was d ladys or her couzin dream.

    1. yes, that's the fun part :) Thanks for reading