Sunday, 20 April 2014



Thank you for visiting my blog and I wish you all a Happy Easter!! Enjoy :)

The ash on their foreheads reminding them of the dust they came from
The Hallelujah suddenly becoming scarce and sullen moods rising
Many making vows they hope to keep and full of ideas for abstinence
The congregation continuously increasing leaving no space unoccupied

The palms mark a beginning of a different royalty
Now they can sing louder yet aware of what is yet to be felt
The Holy week drawing in filling them with pensiveness
The homily ever preached so slowly and intense this time

Maundy Thursday, the feet of the chosen are washed
Then comes Good Friday, the passion according to His Beloved
They kiss the cross, the priest falls on his belly face down to the ground
These gestures of humility they learned from Him that they show

The nails piercing His hands, thorns of crown to draw his blood
His last words on the cross, tearing down the temple curtains
The sheer thoughts of his agony is relived even more
As blood and water gush from his sides, the one who witnessed testified

“It is finished”, the last we heard that He breathed
A sign over His head unknowingly indicating his status
A fresh place to keep the dead they laid him
But of course He did not stay because He belonged elsewhere

They did not understand the beginning but for those who believe
Death has been conquered and so the battle is finished
They spread the word gladly “Christ is risen!” throughout the world

To bring joy and hope to more, proclaiming “Hallelujah!”

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