Thursday, 24 April 2014


Hello Everyone,

I'd love to say a big thank you to you all for making my birthday special. You're also special to me :)  I thank God for my life, and for giving me wonderful friends and family, God bless you all. I decided to share a lil' something I wrote today. Enjoy:

I still remember when I was four, the games I played with my doll
Until the neighbours pierced holes in its mouth and between its legs
Because they wanted it to be able to eat and pee, they said
I was promised a new doll, one which till today I have not received

I remember the time I gazed at the sun for a long time
Just because of a stupid game I played with my friend
And no matter what the doctors have said about my eyes
I am still convinced that was the cause of the trouble.

I remember just before I turned ten and went to board
It took just a term for me to learn words I had never heard
And see many girls of all characters, I tell you!
Some I cherished and some I hope I never hear or meet again

I remember the first time it came, dysentery I thought it was
Until my mother said I could no longer play with the boys
So instantly the video game I was a part of, I had to quit
Quoting to them what she said, that I could no longer play with them

I remember when my best friend was taken away
The pain that still burns through my heart and my soul
The friends that held me through the night and day
How grateful I truly am to you now and always

I remember when I wrote my very first piece
A song I sing till today but will never share
Amazing how a hobby slowly becomes a habit
And how blessed I am to share them with you all.

Have a lovely weekend and please share. xx
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    1. Yes o, thanks sis and we ate the melted cake like that :P

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you darling for yesterday and everytime :)

  3. wow! its so amazing....kudos to you Big Sister...'m an ex-feddy ow 2013 you!

    1. wow! Thanks, definitely a pleasure to meet you here. I hope you are doin great :)

  4. Hope you had a wonderful celebration. Lol@your mother.

  5. Simple but I enjoyed reading it. My first time here though. Great work, Ugochi. How are you? Plus......Happy belated birthday.

  6. i wish u the best always.God be wit u sweetie

  7. thesoulquarian22 June 2014 at 02:22

    Lool @ people you hope to never meet..yup I can totally relate..looking back though Feddy was fun

  8. hee hee,yes but some ppl i dont wanna see biko.