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Thank God it's Friday! Sorry I've been away for a while, I have been travelling a lot! This year has been my busiest year so far but I am thankful for it. Next week, I hope to share some of my travel experiences with you but today, I have a story from the talented Etoh, again! I know, he's fast becoming one of my fave writers. As usual, please leave your comments below, like the Google icon and share. Also tell a friend to tell another please :).  By the way,my last article published on BellaNaija can be found here. Enjoy:

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I sat on the edge of his clean carved chair that was painted brown and looked so expensive, crossed my legs so that the left was on top of the right, and my hands were safely placed on the cap. I knew this wasn’t going to be a funny ride, but at least Tayo had encouraged that I tried as much as I could to enjoy it, after all what harm could it bring to a fighter like me, a desperate lady like myself that sought after fame like the United States after oil? I actually didn’t care about any other thing at the moment, but what I needed to do to push my way to limelight.

I carefully observed the house, and made sure I was at the right place. I heard he was the best man in the game and if I was to make it quick, he was the person I was supposed to see. And that I was sure I was going to be doing more often.
His flat was actually nice, at least it was well furnished, and from what I saw in his wallet that lay on the center table, he had some cash to throw around.

“I know you are a little tensed up?” he spoke up from a door that separated his room from the sitting room. He was sipping from a cup something that seemed like a pure Lipton, and had a banana on his other hand.

“I heard this two were catalyst to a great performance, and can prevent laxity and quick tiredness when on top of something.”

“Kind of” I gave him a funny look in return, and made sure he realized I was shy, or probably think so.

“Your first time?” he asked looking down to something that lay below his trousers.
I nodded my head in acceptance, not thinking for once if there was any negativity in accepting I was new to this kind of profession. It was a decision I didn’t need to rethink, and his asking me started to push my urge some more, and I couldn’t wait to witness his first stroke on something I had kept for just my eyes all these years.

He stood all open to my eyes; I guess he wanted me to see the private part of himself that Tayo said he much boasted about. I never cared less, because I knew I could handle anything of such magnitude that came my way. I had started reading about such since I was ten, I took greater steps when I had to administer what I learnt on anything I could lay my hands on, something I was sure would convince me of my readiness to face a more physical creature, and I was more than assured I wasn’t going to be immature today.

“Show me what you’ve got?” he said.
I got up, went straight to the side where I had left my shoes, and then I dropped every other thing I had brought, ensuring I had nothing on me.
I was bent on making sure he took me more seriously, not once was I going to bluff this chance of rubbing minds with the highly placed.

“How long have you kept this?” as he spoke he dropped the cup he was sipping from on a little table close to a fine black couch.

 “I have tried letting go of it, but fear of the unknown held me back.” I spoke wrapping the towel around my right hand. “I wanted my first time to be one I would cherish for a longtime, not something I would regret and then curse myself.”
I was sure my answer was cool and convincing as he kept shaking his head; he must have concurred with my replies, I knew because he couldn’t stop looking at me and smiling sheepishly.

“Well spoken” he said “so can we begin?”
As I heard the words drop, my heart skipped, and I suddenly started to feel terrified. I feared he might not find me exciting as I wanted, or he may get bored few seconds into the duel, at least Tayo also said that was not to be written off. I was scared of him withdrawing in the middle of it, which would make me look stupid and useless. I started to think of reasons why I ventured this far, why I made sure there was no turning back once I stepped my foot into his house.

“Please can you be easy on me? You know it’s my first time, so you might not get the satisfaction you find in other old timers” I said looking pale.
“You know…when your friend told me about you, she said you were desperate, why?”
“I don’t want to bore you with my life story, but the main thing is that I come from a poor family, so I want to be able to train my younger ones, so they would have better opportunities than I had, and then make enough cash to take my family out of the poverty line.”
“I don’t think this profession is an escape route from poverty” he said avoiding my face.
“Why do you think so?” I was beginning to get scared.
“You might not get the exact kind of lifestyle you wish for. Or even if it comes, it might take a while, especially as you are new into it”

He spoke and spoke, delaying the whole process, and killing the urge I had taken the time to prepare. It wasn’t like Tayo didn’t tell me all this, I just thought that everyone’s destiny wasn’t the same. I had stopped listening to whatever he was saying, and was beginning to look around the room for a good place we could stay and begin the business that brought me here. I looked at the couch, weighed it and decided it was going to be great for beginners like myself. After all Tayo said her first time was done exactly on the same surface, and although she didn’t tell me how the whole process went, I had a feeling that it was a smooth ride.

He was done talking, and since he was sure his convictions weren’t going to change my mind, he sat down on the same couch I had also been checking out, gestured me to come sit close to him, and then without much thought, we went down into action.
He didn’t stop praising me every time he caught his breathe, he kept exaggerating and saying I was blowing his mind away, and that he actually didn’t believe it was my first time. I was flattered, but I never showed it, Tayo said it was wrong to feel on top of your game at the beginning stage, and so I kept a mute side, and let him do the talking and show all the excitement.

And a little above an hour, after some stroking and exchange of passions, we were done, with a loud yell of satisfaction from him. I was actually glad I lasted this long with him, and it made me smile. I knew I had arrived, and I was going to be a star in this game. He kept staring at me, and shaking his head, and smiling, all at the same time. And for the first time I was flattered so that I turned my back so he didn’t see me blush.

“Thank you so much” his words rose behind me.
I shook my head as I bent down to pick my stuff. I was done with him, at least the preparations were worth it.

As I turned to leave his house, he grabbed my arm and said, “I can’t wait to see it published, your story was so captivating, and I am privileged to have edited it”

I said a trailer loads of thank you as I carefully slipped my wrist away from his firm masculine hold; I didn’t want to risk him taking pleasure in me. Or worse, asking me to stay some more. Men could be deceptive, Tayo had said, so I had to kill any chance of complacency as my career is just about kicking off.

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  1. Nice write up but with all the suspense I felt you will actually tell us what 'the first time' was all about. I was lost completely at the end date when you said 'I can't wait to see it published'.

  2. thanks alot...but i was only portraying what writers go through to get their first work out..