Sunday, 25 May 2014


Hello everyone,

The past two weeks posts had hilarious comments, go check them out if you didn't see them. Anyway, today's post was inspired by someone I once came across; which made me realise how different people may view things. Enjoy:-

It started as rumbles but it rose to troubles
The voices in her head, at first one becoming multiple
They seemed like a legion for they were many
Like barbarians talking in thousands.

“Jump”!, one said; “no, dance instead” another would say
She could not figure them out really
Was it the voice of the superior or the curse of the evil one?
Sometimes they made her lose her way or stand still in the middle of nowhere.

She told her mother, about her new companions
“Possessed”! The woman screamed, “We shall call the holy one”
She was starved for days, isolated for weeks
Whips were used; chains were bought for her deliverance.

She could take no more so she ran away from home
She went far away and found new shelter close to the canal
Until she was picked up by a stranger, whom she told her story in tears

“Ah, Schizophrenia”! The stranger exclaimed, before saying he was a psychiatrist.

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  1. These kind of stories make me wonder how many other things have actually been misinterpreted and handled wrongly in the process. Life just has to be complex.

    1. lol, Life doesnt have to be complex. We tend to make it that way.

  2. it's really sad that in Nigeria once u are sick and act abnormal it's either fever,malaria or typhoid,if it's neither of them then you are possessed........I think our parents,teachers,friends and relations need to be educated

    1. yes yes,it's not just in Nigeria thoug. Happend in alot of places.

  3. Clearly this happened somewhere in Africa (na Naija jare😃)where we never bother to investigate anything further. It's always witchcraft or they are turning your pot. One of the few places where a healthy 10 year old can die from natural courses. Biko what's natural about that? Anyway I digress. Ugochi knows how I do😜